Group Bookings at Birmingham Central Backpackers

A group booking is composed of 6 or more people. Here at Birmingham Central Backpackers we are happy to house groups and can accommodate bookings of up to 80 people, subject to room availability. Please note, there must be a designated group leader with valid credit card details that will need to sign an agreement stating the group agrees to abide by hostel rules and that the card used may be charged in the event of damage to the property or violation of building codes.

For bookings of six people or more please contact us via email at or alternatively phone us on 0121-643-0033 between 8am and 11pm (GMT) with the following information:

Group booking terms and conditions:

Payment and cancellation policy: We require all group bookings to pay a 50% deposit (with the rest payable on arrival) to secure the reservation; this is because it is hard for us to resell large quantities of beds on short notice if there is a cancellation. Until this deposit is made your booking will not be secured. Payment can be made either by credit card, or bank transfer. If paying by credit card, please call us on 0121 643 0033 as we will need to get credit card details from you. If you want to make a change to your booking (eg change the number of beds, then please let us know ASAP and we will do our best to accomodate the changes).

Bed allocations: Unless your group wants complete occupancy of a room and is willing to pay for the entire amount of beds in the room, it is possible there may be others in the room that are not part of the group. If sole occupancy of a room is required, please note that all beds in room must be paid for.

For gneral hostel information, rules, and what's included in your price please see the other sections of the website.